A Farmstead Hospitality Destination

Tirrito Farm will become a farmstead hospitality destination for travelers from around Arizona and the western United States who are looking for an interactive, entertaining, educational experience for themselves and their families.

Tirrito Farm is the vision of Dr. Sal Tirrito, a Tucson-based cardiologist, who is passionate about leading healthier, more active lives and breaking our dependence on medications through good lifestyle habits. His wife Yuri, who grew up in a small town in Mexico, is an advocate for living in harmony with nature. Tirrito Farm will demonstrate how responsible agriculture practices and profitable farm to table products can contribute to our community. Emphasizing land stewardship, humane animal welfare, use of renewable energy, earth friendly building techniques and offering wholesome handmade farm foods and beverages is our goal. Centered around a model of sustainability and resilience that is healthy for both people, animals and the planet, Tirrito Farms will utilize progressive water and soil conservation methods, lower carbon footprint green architecture and kinder animal husbandry as part of developing our unique agrarian community eco system.

Artist rendition of the entrance at Tirrito Farm

Artist rendition of the entrance at Tirrito Farm

What to Expect …


Proudly built using 100% American steel and assembled by a small specialty manufacturer in Northern California, our 10 Barrel brewhouse will feature a rotating section of limited production and seasonal ales available exclusively at the Farm or online to our loyal club members. The spent grain ('mash' contains no alcohol) leftover from the brewing process will be used as nutritious feed our livestock.

Café & Restaurant

Cultivating a healthy approach to food and a menu that is ingredient driven, clean, fresh and delicious.

The Dairy

We’re delighted to offer a local source for delicious, nutritious milk direct from our small herd of dairy cows and goats. Stop by to visit our goats, cows and chickens and say hello to our Italian Sheepdogs, Pink and Purple, the farm cat, Spice, and our burro, Princess.

Farm Store

Highlighting fresh, seasonal produce harvested from our own gardens, artisanal dairy products from our cows and goats, and a curated selection of merchandise from local purveyors.

How’s the Weather at Tirrito Farm?

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